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Compositor or Online editor

but loves to be a shepherd.




- iMan Javaherypour


Hello and welcome to my personal website.

This is iMan. I am vfx compositor / online editor.


     With over 12 years experiences in TV commercials, from video editing, creating motion graphics, 3D stuff, compositing, online editor to being sent for supervising on a set, all these progressively complex related experiences have made me strong enough to step into this virtual world.


     Professional wise, I work with The Foundry Nuke closely. I run Autodesk Smoke as online tool. Adobe After Effects is essential tools for doing fast compositing and most importantly mographs. There are other softwares I can handle such as Adobe Premiere or FCP.





I have a page on FB called Digital Compositors where we share cool compositing works on it, Feel free to have a look at it.


And now let's hover over my What I do page to find out what I really do.

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